Saturday, December 3, 2016


So I was 216 something at the beginning of the week. I need to continue changing my mindset about how I'm going to do this to just try to be consistent with exercising and just not giving into wanting to rest because I've had a long drive or because I'm mentally drained from what was going on with life. I think I'm going to just try to keep moving. I finally bought exercise pants this morning by sneaking out (the kids were being watched) to have like an hour and a half to myself. I bought enough pairs to wear for work. I probably should of gotten the fancy gym pants but I went for a mix of both the expensive pants and the cheap pants. I feel proud of myself for finally accomplishing towards putting myself first. I was working out in my regular clothes all week.

I think I need to clean up my life. I've been reading and watching videos about minimalism. It's about darn time. If I can find a way to exercise when I thought I couldn't I can find a way to declutter my belongings and relieve the stress of owning so many things to clean and store. I want to have more money to just do the things I want to do like traveling. I'm pretty frugal as it is but I have been wanting to take more trips to just experience the world during my free time. Having babies is not an excuse to not travel. 

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