Monday, December 19, 2016


So I did my long twists so I don't know how much my hair actually weighs now. 

I'm not going to get healthy if I don't make better strides to eat healthy. If I don't eat healthy how are my kids going to eat healthy because my household has a lot of junk food. 

30 something minutes on the arc trainer and 400 something calories. I feel like I was uninspired today with the anime I chose because i wasn't compelled to stay on longer to watch more of the show. 

Overall I guess I just need to make some changes in my routine. I could just rewatching anime I really like and then research and actually try my first bout of meal prepping so at least I'm making some kind of attempt. Then do better by meal prepping for my kids. It won't be too much if I just figure things out.

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