Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I thought with all the junk I've been eating that my weight would have gone up. Im really feeling like I can get used to going to the gym. I need to continue working towards a better eating regimen. Even though I have been eating junk I haven't been binging except maybe Butterscotch cookies. I really want to get into One-der-land and feel like I'm closer. I know it's one pound at a time. I also decided I'm not going to weigh myself every day just because I don't want to psych myself out of any of the hard work I've been doing at the gym. My pants are looser but the scale isn't really budging so I'm just going to keep on trucking. I really love the arc trainer machine. Eventually I will get to the max speed of the machine on the resistance and arc I chose. Anyway the meal prepping for work is going to happen sooner than later. 

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