Monday, July 18, 2011

Woot 164

Yes! Finally back in the negative! 164 pounds means I'm so much closer to being overweight and not obese. It also means tuna does work for me! Especially because I ate 2 slices of pizza on saturday, 8 chicken wings yesterday, and a whole lot of flaxseed granola. I'm going to buy the Fiber One Brownies if they are still on sale. Also, I'm going to try out some more makeshift tuna meals. I didn't end up eating any tuna on my vacation at all; I mostly ate Subway sandwiches-- spicy Italian BMT with lots of vegetables, and the eggwhite sandwich with lots of vegetables. Mineral water, seltzer water, flavored water, and spring water were my drinks. How pizza got involved: I was wanting to try the pizza everyone one was having so I had two slices from a personal pan pizza. How chicken wings got involved: On the way back, there was a few choices of restaurants. I was sick of Subway, and not in the mood for pizza so I ate chicken wings. It was delicious.

I read the novel Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster on the vacation. I laughed so hard at times that people were staring. It was definitely a great book to motivate me into trying weights today. I added weight lifting in between my 2 hour cardio workout. I did weighted lunges, a tricep exercise, and a deltoid exercise. I need to stop avoiding the abdominal exercise. Bah! My hopes is that I will not be too sore to do weights again on wednesday. I like the free weights better than the machines because it feels like there are less people watching me exercise. I need to come up with a good routine to free weights but for now I will do what I know. I also tried something really different on the treadmill today. I put it at the maximum incline of the machine and walked that for 20 minutes. It was so hard but it was good. I don't remember where I read the line "if it doesn't get you sweating in 5 minutes than the exercise is not hard enough". I was sweating buckets today but it was a great workout.

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Valerie said...

Good for you!!! Keep up the good work!