Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I shouldn't have eaten the ice cream I just ate but it was so good. I should have bought the high fiber low fat soy ice cream but I didn't. My body is trying to reject the ice cream because it's not used to this much cow milk..... NOOOOOOO!!!!!

On another note. I did complete 2 hours of cardio with intense weight training. I was burnt afterward and I am probably going to only exercise for like an hour tomorrow with weights and cardio.

I am probably not eating enough food. I was thinking about the amount of real food that I ate yesterday and it wasn't that much. I need to get some more real groceries and enjoy eating vegetables. I only got the ice cream because it was a friend's birthday. I had a 1.5 tiny bowls-- when I mean tiny bowls, it was about a cup of ice cream in total-- less than 300 calories.

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