Wednesday, July 9, 2014


What? Lol. I thought for sure it would look like a gain because I made sweet potato fries late last night. I'm getting better at making them too. These really tasted like fries this time. I'm going to practice my curry too. I really want to make a bunch of foods that fall into the detox plan because my body feels better and I'm actually losing weight while being able to eat fruit. I thought not eating dairy was going to be really painful but the most that feels weird is when everyone is eating and I cannot because the meal is totally off the idea of the detox. It's ok I guess because I really want to get in the forties. Lol. I'm so close. 

Things I still want to try:
Mahi Mahi 
Guacamole (made by me)
Something real with ginger (I made dressing but since I didn't have a food processor it didn't come out great)
Cabbage soup

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