Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Alright I feel content after having my solid meal last night. I did some grocery shopping and tried to get more vegetables. I'm afraid of going to the Olive Garden today. I looked at their menu yesterday and am slightly fearful of what might happen today in terms of them accommodating my limited options. I can't remember if they have cheese on their salad.

Edit:I was reading this morning and throughout this whole detox thing I've never considered the carbs in the fruits and vegetables I was eating. So apparently if I balance out more of the low carb fruits and vegetables I will have less plateau in reaching 140. I'm going to look into the foods I normally buy and see where they fall in terms of the carbs. I will also try to create a couple meals using both low carb fruits and vegetables. I am not giving up fruit this time. I don't mind giving up grains and most meat if I can eat fruit. 

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