Monday, February 20, 2012

Posting because I'm bored

The ground turkey breast naked tacos turned out great!!! No real carbs and it still tasted like tacos. I'm going to eat them until I run out of the meat. It's fairly inexpensive to make them. I opted out of using the greek yogurt (sour cream substitute) because I'm not really sure that I'm supposed to be eating it on the plan. I probably wouldn't have hurt anything considering I had little bits of rice yesterday and still lots little bits of weight. I went to Trader Joe's after going to take the Orbital Xray and had a really good time looking around at stuff that could be included on the plan. So much stuff there. My next real recipe to try is the zucchini lasagna. I was going to pick up the zucchini today but I didn't feel like it because I was not sure when I actually am going to make it. Hopefully I can find some more recipes. I keep wondering if zucchinis or radishes can be turned into chips so I can have taco salad with chips. I also need to find some more snacks to make because I really am not trying to have sucralose all the time. It's not that I don't think it's helpful for the plan. It more that it's irritating to rely on sugar to get this. I want to get rid of the feeling to need sweets.

The idea of being 119 is looking more and more appealing everyday. The party I went too I still felt self conscious about my size because I knew I was bigger than my step sisters and my outfit wasn't helping. I knew no one really cared about my size deep down but it was weird nonetheless. They are sizes 2, 4, 6 and I'm still in a size 8-10-12 after all this. Also, I went to an anime convention and felt like I would be much more comfortable if I were smaller. My outfits would look really good with knee hi socks that don't look like they are cutting off circulation. I will keep pushing to be the smaller weight. 119 is supposed to be in the middle of the normal BMI so I could go lower. I won't stop at 130 because if it's anything close to the size I am now that's not going to work for me. I need a smooth physique not ripples. If I really do get to my bikini by the summer I'm buying some gucci shoes or something with the money I saved from not buying junk to poison my body.

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