Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doctor's Visit

I went to the doctors and they told me a few things changing my perspective about my weight loss. First, I thought I was 5'2" but I'm actually 5'1.25", which kind of sucks but it makes a lot of sense. My doctor also said he doesn't think I should hit the normal range of the BMI. He has said this before but I think this time he really meant it. He said he thinks a few pounds above normal would be better for me. He said try getting down to 140 and see how I feel then. Maybe I will arrange a doctor's visit if I get lower than that and see what he says.

I need to get an MRI done for my knees. it's either physical therapy or surgery but more than likely it's the physical therapy. He said I still should be able to run in the spring if I do the physical therapy right.

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