Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There should be something great to say about having a day off but feeling sick is not fun. I'm sitting thinking about weight loss and my dreams but most of me is wishing I could be working. My one of my fashion icons is Fefe Dobson. She looks so thin and healthy.

I bought a dress to lose weight to fit into properly I was hoping that I'd be able to fit into it by my birthday but it looks like Christmas might be the time.

Something to note: Even though I feel like I can wear more sexy dresses I shouldn't do that every time I go out. I thought I was going to a club this weekend not a concert lounge. I felt so uncomfortable in my club dress. Luckily I had a blazer on that covered up everything. It was the worst experience in a dress ever. I need to invest in more going out pants. I want to make some distressed sparkly jeans. It might be really cute.

My clothes that I bought in August are starting to be too big. I think I should buy more small/medium clothes instead of a specific number size... I just don't want to be wasting money with clothes if I'm going to be hopefully dropping like 4 more sizes.

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