Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling Moody

I didn't work out yesterday.. I walked around and shopped. I was in a terrible mood and shopping usually helps with my moods. Probably avoided the gym so I wouldn't have to talk to people but I should have exercised at home. Today, I'm feeling especially irritable and feel a cold coming on. I'm supposed to be going to a conference tonight but I'm not sure if my body is up to it. It's probably all the snacks I've been eating instead of real meals trying to convince myself that it isn't ok to eat Subway daily and eat other stuff. I should have just ate Subway because I was making good choices there. My grocery shopping was a bomb because I didn't even buy enough stuff to last a week. The thing I really wanted to buy was at the sell by date and I wasn't going to chance it. Grrr.... I didn't even step on the scale this morning because I was having a bad morning.

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