Monday, December 6, 2010

Funny reading. 183 still.

It was funny just reading that Jen from PriorFatGirl just had pizza because I a slice of pizza on Saturday. Except I am trying to lose weight not maintain it. lol. I weighed in at 183 this morning so it's good I didn't gain because I also had pancakes this weekend and regular hot chocolate. I did workout last night on the elliptical machine for 43 minutes doing interval training. I just have to be better this week and continue to exercise. I think I may have to find some new anime because its getting a little repetitive. I'm so excited for Christmas and just 4 pounds to lose to be at my goal for Christmas. If I get to like 175 before Christmas then I definitely have to start posting pictures on here of myself because 175 is my half way point for the entire weight loss goal. So ridiculously exciting. 45 pounds out of the 90 pounds. I think that would make my year.

I saw one of my former classmates from college and she noticed my weight loss. I didn't realize I was out of control with my weight towards the end of college. Which really means me hitting 145 pounds in college only lasted a little bit before it started creeping back on. I want to do this for life. I'm not going to stop eating all of the foods I love. I just have to know to eat them in moderation.

Oh another cool thing. I have a new sweatband to wear when I exercise so my face doesn't get acne from my hair sweat. My friend gave it to me last night! It works great. I will post pictures of it when I remember.

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