Thursday, December 2, 2010


I weighed myself to see if working out last night did any exceptional work towards my weight loss and for some reason it did. I lost 1.3 pounds. I think it could be just water weight but I'll take it for what I can get. I'm happy to exercise while watching tv. My pants are fitting a little better but I still want to be like 179 or lower for Christmas. I want to be less than I weighed when I left high school like that Jennifer Hudson commercial but without the assistance of Jenny Craig or something like that. 6 more pounds to my mini goal. Oh and when I reach my mini goal my boyfriend has to buy me a present for reaching my 180 goal. Yes another bonus. I think he was buying me an easel or something for my art. I may ask him to just buy me a whole lot of the boxed jewelry that I like to wear for work or to take me to the zoo again.


Lindsey said...

Yay for you Lilies! Down to 185! Ceeeelebrate good times C'MON! This is very exciting. Make sure you take a minute to celebrate your success. And then keep right on goin'!

Elle, A PriorFatGirl

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Yeah. I'm happy. I'm actually down 4 pounds this week now from yesterday's workout. I'm not sure how to celebrate in the mini goals. when i reach 180 i am buying anime to continue to watch lol.