Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Double Date

It was my first double date with my boyfriend last night. I was excited and nervous. I really want to make it to my goal of 179 before christmas and I thought I had more determination that what I showed last night. I caved after some comments were said. They were harmless to someone not sensitive like me. I ended up ordering and eating food that I knew I'd be paying for later. I worked out for an hour after I got home but it wasn't enough. I gained a pound. But it's the weirdest feeling because I had so much energy after eating than I normally do like I wanted to run and jump and skip. I ate a salad before the entree and had asparagus during the entree. NO DESSERT. I had hot green tea with splenda sweetener. I feel like maybe my determination isn't in the right place. Maybe I was too concerned with making a good impression over my health. My boyfriend ate all his food and some of mine. I did leave food on my plate.. just not enough it felt like afterwards.

I've been grumpy today at the thought of having another hour long workout to hopefully help fix my weight. It's said to not workout over 1.5 hours. The new anime I bought should make my workout go by smoothly. I just don't want to feel like I can't go on double dates because I can't control myself.

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