Monday, November 29, 2010

venting. 188

Last night I wrote a blog to myself to vent out my frustrations and deleted it. I was really worked up over not losing any weight from over the holidays but I exercised last night and this morning for a bit. I'm going to keep exercising. What do I have to lose from trying to do what I can but weight? I am proud of myself for using the treadmill on Saturday. I'm even more proud of myself for working out last night. I really need to drop some pounds before Christmas and New Years. I don't know why I wasn't thinking of that when I was devouring carbohydrates over Thanksgiving break. I will eat vegetables... green vegetables and I will try to not eat so many breads and sugars. I need to make my health a priority at all times. I was drinking water most of the time but I wasn't really sticking with the eating right. I also need to work on just being free. I feel like the pressure to be thin is a lot. I do really want to drop weight but I don't want to be unhappy while doing it. 2.5 hours is the minimum for losing weight. I need to surpass this. 3500 calories burned is 1 pound so my workouts should burn more than 700 calories a day to lose a pound a week. That means I need to spend more time on my elliptical machine than I do on my recumbent bike.

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Lindsey said...

Hey Lilies! There you go girl! It's a fight every single day, and we don't always just love working out, but it's part of the weight-loss package. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post today. It means a lot. And I'm excited to be on this healthiness journey with you.

Elle, A PriorFatGirl