Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm out of the 190 zone and into the 180s. I'm excited and hope whatever it is that is working for me keeps up.. I did end up eating after 6 last night so I wonder if I would have been lower if I didn't. I worked out for 15 minutes last night. It should have been much longer but I decided to exercise at 10pm. My mind was like just exercise tomorrow and then I started to feel guilty about not exercising that day so I worked out just a wee bit. Today I will work out longer. I'm also trying to improve my art because I feel like it could be much better. I know I shouldn't compare my technical skills to people haven't met but I need to improve my interpretations of shading and structure for my thought up characters. I have also been practicing my animation skills. One idea at a time. I decided not to make my christmas dress so I can focus on enhancing my technical skills.

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