Monday, November 15, 2010

Gain but not really

Never weigh yourself when your body doesn't feel like it normally feels. I weigh myself on an empty stomach feeling usually. Today I weighed myself on a full stomach feeling. I will weigh myself tomorrow when I have an empty stomach feeling and see if it's a difference.

I looked at pictures of me from when I was trying out swimsuits in July. I hated how I looked in the pictures. I really don't want to have legs like I did in the picture for next summer. I don't want to wear a bikini but a monokini next summer. I should draw a picture of one and put it on the mirror with a caption:"Did your actions today put you closer to wearing this?"

I'm not sure that I'll be at 160 by February anymore. I need a detox from junk food. Really what I need to do is go grocery shopping at like Trader Joe's or just buy a ton of vegetables and fruits... no more vending machines and I need to eat at less restaurants. I could be using that money to buy anime.

Goals for this week:

Workout more than last week
Eat vegetables inside my place
Throw out Foods that I will never eat and haven't eaten in a long time
Use oil paints for one painting
Get on the recumbent bike when I'm reading instead of sitting on the couch

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