Thursday, November 4, 2010


20 minutes of exercise is not much longer than 15 minutes. I need to not wait until late at night to do my exercising... It should be exercise and then continue working! I couldn't fall asleep last night so I started reading about art (of course, would I be reading anything else right now?). I hope to sell some of my greeting cards this winter to get more people to see my art. I am also going to look into making prints of my work after I upgrade my technical skills some more. I feel a little scattered due to the lack of sleep.

My big question that has been looming for a bit is: How will I look when I'm 130 lbs? Will I like myself? Will I feel too thin? 130 isn't even the ideal weight. 119 is but we'll see how it feels to reach 130. I'm so nervous and excited that I'm 28 pounds away from being considered overweight!

I also want to ask is it weird to love fiber bars? The Kellogg fiber plus bars are even better than the fiber one bars. I will at max have 2 fiber bars a day because I eat fiber in other parts of the day.

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