Sunday, July 4, 2010

Totally forgot

I bought organic Yogurt this week. I was opposed to buying it before because dairy makes me sick sometimes but not the case with this yogurt. Mixed with fruit and applesauce it was awesome. Another thing I bought--- sugar free Popsicles. Great for snacking if you want something sweet without going too far. Loved them.

Also I didn't mention that I started muting the Wii and playing my own music. Very soothing. It was so much more fun with my own tunes.

Watching sports on my television is also a big motivation technique. I love watching track and field. It's so awesome to see them with all the muscles running at top speed to victory. I already have strong legs; I just don't have the physique yet.

The california sushi rice bowl was alright. I didn't like the avocado as much but it was probably over ripe.

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