Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Emergency Health Food Pack?

I need to come up with something good to eat when I'm on the run or if I plan on spending a lot of time with my processed food/restaurant loving boyfriend and junk food friendly family.... I gained a pound since yesterday. This could be water weight but it also could be "I couldn't resist eating those fattening cookies" weight. Disappointed in myself for giving into the cookies.

Back on track today with my fruits and water. Had a bowl of cereal with soy milk. I am going to have some greens tonight but I'm not sure what kind yet. Possibly could stop back at the store to get a salad or something.

Still looking at the Four Day diet book, more for motivation than anything.

Thinking about selling paintings to people to raise money for a recumbent bike. So I can easily work out for hours like I used to at the gym. People keep saying they want to have a painting so it shouldn't be too hard to get one.

I will brainstorm my emergency list later and post it. Hmm. Maybe a book might have some suggestions.

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