Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pool Party

So nervous so nervous, When I realized I had to wear a swimsuit to a party. You know what I did. I bought a new swimsuit. Well the top anyway. I had a bottom that fit already that I've never worn because I couldn't find a top. Target with its limited selection was able to give me a top that I couldn't be more happy to own. I felt sexy, and beautiful. And you know what I was the largest at the party but still looked cute.

Before the party, I got the Food Bible from the library. It's an interesting book so far. It had some pretty good insights about what to do to eat and how it can affect the body. I wrote out the glycemic index and posted in on the refrigerator to remind me of the foods I should be eating. Hopefully all of my sublimial messages and constant reminders of what to eat should help me in making more of the right food choices.

My main concern is now the helpful push for myself to exercise. I hope I can do the same thing for exercise as I've done for food. Rearranging my elliptical to be staring at me when I wake up should be doing something. Maybe I should decorate it with Hello Kitty or something. Also thinking about buying a television for it so I can watch television close up rather than far away while I'm exercising.

More to say but got to go!


Astrid said...

I like the idea of decorating your exercise equipment! It's a great way to motivate yourself by taking own of how it appears to you, maybe even making it look more appealing that way?

I hope you do well with your food and exercise! I've been trying hard, too.

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Yeah! I would have loved a pink elliptical machine at the store... But stickers will work too. Thank you! I will try my best! :)