Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Realizing you been insulted.

I never realized that people casually insulted me until I started reading all these weight loss books. I guess you say I was just looking at the good in people and not really seeing them for what they are. Last night I was so upset about it I ended up working out 1.5 hours on my elliptical machine and burned according to the machine over 1200 calories. It's not really about the calories more about how this morning I really dont feel the work out like I would for tae bo. Feeling like a sap, I had forced myself into the last half hour because I stupidly weighed myself in the middle of the night and thought I had gained weight. I peed right after and stepped on again to be the about the same weight from a few days ago. Still at 206.

The best feeling from working out was that I started getting the feelings back that I had when I'd go to the gym by myself in college. The feeling like I can do it. I will see inches shed from my body. I'm also wondering how my body will feel at the weight especially because I'm mainly doing heavy resistance(10-15 out of the max 20). I can do the max resistance but I think I will build up so I'm comfortable and not feeling like I'm going to die. Yes!

I am avoiding the grocery store because I'm tired of spending money but I need some more variety in what I'm eating.


Astrid said...

People can be jerks, that's true. But if they don't make fun of your weight, they'll find something else to insult you over. Maybe that's just the cynic in me.

Amazing to hear about how far you're going with the ellipitcal! Though I agree weighing yourself in the middle of the night probably wasn't a good idea, but as long as you feel good today, then that's what matters. Focus on feeling great today and making today great and tomorrow, you can do the same.

keep going!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Your comment makes me think of this t-shirt I saw "Haters make me famous" It's so true.. I'm going to learn to just forgive them for their insecurities.