Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hearts of Palm and Salads

My friend came over last night to watch a movie. He said "let's go get something to eat". I suggested that we cook something instead of spending loads of money on restaurant food. Frankly, I was not looking for the calories either. He decided we should get some more ingredients after going through my refrigerator. It was wonderful. He taught me some things about how he makes salad and everything wasn't terribly expensive--- except for the Hearts of Palm. It tasted like artichoke, which I loved but I didn't care for the price tag. $5.59 for a jar! He explained that where he normally gets it they run for 3 something. (I didn't mention how hard it was to find in the store either. I am laughing thinking about it now. Literally had to climb on the cart to reach it over the top shelf.. only one in the store.)

My salad consisted of: Romaine Lettuce, Blackberries, Hearts of Palm, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Craisins, with heaps of deliciousness.

Simple enough salad.

Oh I meant to mention that my emergency pack is near completion. I did remedy my urge to eat loads of bad food by ordering a salad instead of the burger and fries when I took my little sisters shopping. What I need to find is a reasonable size lunch bag to put the emergency food in. I never had a normal lunch bag growing up so I don't know where to get a good one or what I should look for.


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Lilies in my Cereal said...

It's not just about fitting into a bikini or wearing the trendy clothes. It's more about working to be healthy and figuring ways to like it,.. learning about myself in the process. I read in your blog about the motivation as the first step, which is the step I'm still in. Thank you for posting a link to your blog.