Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm not sure if I didn't go to Zumba yesterday if the number would be lower. I'm hoping to continue going down. It still bothers me that I feel like a marionette in some ways towards this weight loss but I know that I'm trying to make sure I fit in the clothes I bought before and also I want to see my face look smaller. It would be nice to go down into the 50s by next week. I forgot to bring lunch today for work partly because I should have packed it last night. I'm going to get a salad today for lunch. 

My friend and I were talking about the methods to use for losing weight and I'm coming ato the conclusion that I will need to cut cheese out of my life to the best of my abilities. I was doing low carb cheese before but cutting it out like I'm allergic might help me stay focused. I want to make some more baked zucchini tonight but I'm not sure how to cook it. I will figure something out. 

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