Tuesday, September 20, 2011

zumba and not sure what to do.

I love my Zumba class but I'm starting to think some of the people at my gym are creeping me out. I know I pay attention to everything but it is hard to work out when you feel like you have many people staring at you. I'm pretty self conscious about working out because don't like my body jiggling so much. Now, I could understand if it was a few glances here or there but every single time I'm on the treadmill or elliptical you take out your cellphone as if you are taking a picture or texting someone. Extremely strange. I'm still going to exercise but I feel like I need to notify someone if it really gets weird.

2.5 hours so far this week for exercising. I'm planning on exercising at home tomorrow because I have things to do. My biceps are starting to show more. I'm kind of excited about that. It would be cool if they stay defined. My triceps are also looking smaller too. My thighs and stomach are where I really need to build some muscle. I don't need chiseled abs but I would like a really flat stomach. I keep thinking about Kim Kardashian's waist and Usain Bolt's speed!!


MB said...

I used to be so self-conscience about working out at the gym but I finally learned that nobody really cares about what I'm doing, they are focused on themselves. Sometimes I think people are staring but they're actually staring right through me, not at me. Just do your own thing and don't waste a minute worrying about what everyone else is doing. Rock on!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Thanks! I had a really good workout yesterday when I got lost into the workout.