Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All I can say is that I hope I get a great workout today.

I really need to sit down and write down my essentials for grocery shopping because I constantly feel like my fridge is empty of the basics for what I normally eat. I need to keep more vegetables stocked but other than that and fiber bars I feel like I'm blank. I plan on going shopping tonight and hopefully have something substantial in my cart when I leave.

How do you get rid of freezer burn? I put vegetables in the freezer and they come out all icy.

Also, I exercised a bit this weekend. I did the elliptical on Saturday morning for a half hour and I did squats, crunches, and leg ups yesterday. I kept feeling like I wanted to exercise but was feeling self conscious because I don't like the nervousness of someone criticizing my workout. I know I've done well before but it still stays with me. Hopefully it will eventually leave.

I keep looking at myself wondering do I really need to lose 40 more pounds. I have never been 119 in my adult life ever. I'm nervous about being too thin but when I see people not having stomach flab at normal weight it makes me want to keep trying to lose weight.

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