Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So yes they are creepy at my gym. I upgraded my membership so I could workout at both gyms but mainly to take Zumba whenever I want. I went last night and I'm back tonight. I ran 1.33 miles on the treadmill on monday besides doing my normal workout. I really need to make sure I always wear the right sports bra because I think I could have run longer if my body wasn't jiggling so much.

I'm thinking about cutting cheese out of my diet. I'm not sure if I will but I might limit my intake of it because I really would like to figure out if cutting it out will help my body feel healthier. I've already cut out pretty much all other dairy except adding greek yogurt. I love putting cheese on so much stuff that it is going to be interesting to see outcomes if I'm limiting what I'm eating. I really would like to know what I could do better.

Also, is there a limit really to how much exercising you can do in one day? Personal trainers and instructors condition themselves to exercise all the time. Why can't a regular person do that? If I were able to get my body really healthy with good activities I shouldn't have a problem with fearing that weight might creep back on. The new gym has racquetball and other sports. I might find someone to play with. Maybe I will become crazy about a sport like I love Zumba. I'm going to try a Step class before Zumba so this will be interesting. Definitely need to keep my energy up.

Another thing I want to note: I've been having doubts that I actually looked different from the weight loss because my before and after pictures to me both look great. Last night, however I came across a real fat defining moment:

Way different to how I look now! And that picture was while I had already lost some weight.


Astrid said...

I had to cut out a lot of cheese from my diet, too. I noticed I was adding it to almost everything, in huge amounts. And cheese isn't cheap and it's fairly calorie and fat dense. You get used to it not being there, or at least not in the same quantities, pretty quickly. I almost didn't notice to a certain extent.

I think what I love most about your photos, aside from the clear progress you've made, is how happy you always look. The positivity is fantastic!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Thanks I'm trying to keep happy because I loved myself large and I'm learning to love myself healthy.

I didn't eat cheese a couple days in a row and the feeling was fantastic!