Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I don't know when it happened but I'm really starting to notice my legs are smaller. It didn't feel that way before so I'm not sure what the actual clicker was for me seeing the change. My before and almost current pictures don't really emphasize my legs at all. So I don't know. My legs are sore from the squats and tae bo I did yesterday. There are side planks and tricep weightlifting added to that. I'm looking forward to using my elliptical today.

A guy on the weight loss forum works out 8 hours a week. It got me thinking do men typically exercise more than women when trying to lose weight? I'm going to look into that. 8 hours is better than my 3-5 hours a week. I should strive for something a little harder if possible. I will build up to a consistent 5 hours and try to go from there. The biggest loser people work out way longer than that so I know I won't kill myself if I do it. I just might be sore.

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