Sunday, May 22, 2011

Watching videos and clothes

I've been watching transformation videos about weight loss on youtube. I'm not sure that I'll do one of those. Maybe after I'm completely finished I could make an animated gif of my weight loss. I'm right in the middle of it and I really want to come out on top. The big debate is whether I should join the gym that is right around the corner or just continue doing what I'm doing since it was working. The main thing is the money but the gym has a pool.

I bought swimsuit bottoms yesterday. I was looking for the full granny panty high waisted bottom so I could feel not so self conscious but I ended up buying a regular waisted bottom and a low rise cheeky bottom. Let's say I need to tack them on the fridge to remind myself of my goals. I look fine in them now I just want to look excellent. I'm not going to kill myself though just to make someone else feel better about looking at me when I strut my stuff at the beach.

Clothes: My wardrobe is changing because now I can fit into the regular stores without wearing shape wear. I had to give away several of my clothes but I can't seem to part with my I am feeling like I'm just going to have to give them away again. So it's like I know that I'm going to throw the money out the window. I just don't want to keep wasting money. We'll see what I do. I'm feeling more confident in my style and have purchased for myself my first real designer perfume-- Prada. I think when I reach my true goal weight that I will buy an awesome pair of heels.

Food: I'm totally sucking at making it a priority to go to the grocery store to buy fruits and vegetables. I definitely have to kick my habit of eating food from the vending machine or accepting food from people at school. Today I went to the store and picked up some grapes, bananas, and apples. Hopefully that will put me in the right mindset to go to the grocery store to get some real shopping done. I want to start eating more salads. I had one from Panera yesterday and it was so simple that I was kind of embarrassed that I spent so much money on it but eh. I will do better with that.

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