Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Bah. I haven't been eating well. I was doing better with losing weight not going to Zumba because I was spending more time in the kitchen and grocery. Today I'm going to revisit my healthy food list and go shopping. I started eating like my roommate and it's costing me big time. I've also started having nightmares again about my relationship issues that I haven't been able to talk to anyone about. I can't wait for my break to start so I can focus on losing weight rather than trying to just keep myself just under 140. I haven't eaten enough vegetables. TOM is giving me headaches  but I think I need to drink more water again too. I went traveling over the weekend and didn't bring anything but art supplies so I probably dehydrated myself. Alcohol is a big no go too. I thought having a couple drinks with my roommate might not be so bad but don't think it helped at all with the weight loss.

The only bright side to this week is that my weekend was fun. I will need to just eat better all the time.

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