Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zumba and George Foreman

I'm been up and down mostly because my eating isn't that great to the only greens and lean meats regimen but I'm doing fairly well. I really could have been gaining with all the junk I've been eating but I guess it's balancing out. I went to Zumba so far 3 times this week without having to take the pain medicine for the knee. Maybe this means that soon I'll be doing regular weight training in my office again on my break. I want to be really good again. My weight was 142 yesterday but my stomach was flat this morning so I think it actually went down a little. I've been having trouble keeping up my water intake-- it's been about 3 bottles of water a day maybe instead of like 4 with some seltzer water. I'm trying not to eat bacon because I read an article about how bacon can hold you back from losing weight. I also haven't eaten the m&m's and doritos but I did eat sugar free reeses. I wince every time I look at the saturated fat for them so I try to eat less than the serving size.

George Foreman: I used my George Foreman today to make about 4 pounds of chicken which I hope will last me a bit (because I'm all about no cooking if I don't have to).. I'll use it to make "tacos"(my concoction of healthy stuff that kind of tastes like a taco), maybe with spinach and reduced fat cheese, or maybe just by itself. I'm not really sure. I know that chicken does taste good though. I haven't been by trader joe's to pick up the foods I only buy from there like the shredded cabbage, roasted seaweed, and stuff like that. I need to start eating more of the seaweed because it's low in calories, tastes good, and makes me feel like I ate a bag of chips not leafy green goodness.

Zumba: It has been an awkward 3 days of Zumba. Normally I have a lot of fun but I'm really noticing how different I am to everyone else in the class. When I look at myself in the mirror and then see what everyone is doing I feel like I'm maybe putting to much effort into making it look more like dance with the workout still there even though I think that what everyone is supposed to be doing anyway. A lady got super mad with me yesterday I guess because she thought I was going to take her spot. I just like being almost in the corner but still able to see the teacher. I don't laugh a lot like most of the women joking around in the routines. I always try to perform the moves with more flavor each time instead of playing. Not sure if I should lighten up, or just keep going like I am. It would be nice to have more positive acquaintances in the class but I' have a goal of getting smaller. If I play around I know some of my workout time would be wasted. Meh.

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