Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well staying under 140 didn't last very long at all. Yesterday I was 141.6 now I'm creeping up. Hopefully I can make it go back down although my eating until I was stuffed like a penguin didn't help matters too much. I got so irritated. I made all this food and he only ate like half a bowl of the stuff and complained about how I made it while he was just sitting there like a bump on a log asking when it was going to be finished. So I ate the pasta and then I ate his too. Mine was with 3 cups of spinach and his was plain. This is the low carb/high fiber pasta. I'm not sure I'm actually buying the low carb part but it tasted great. I should have just saved his plate to take for work instead of annoyingly eating it. Sigh. I still have meat/sauce left but I think I also ran out of spinach so I'll be running to the grocery. I'm never doing that again. Last time I made alfredo it was the same situation of me eating like that. Everything is so much better when he cooks or I just cook for myself because I won't get annoyed. I'm sitting here with a headache. Bah humbug! My stomach is pouched right now so I know my weight is not going down for a bit.

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