Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working out and a movie

Tonight I watched one of my library movie rentals. It made me think about how complicated life is and how it doesn't have to be. I was mad during a part of the movie because the main character was screwing up everything that had been worked for for a whim. I don't know if this was a sign to tell me I can't throw away my weight loss for this junk food that I sometimes don't think makes a difference in the overall weight loss. Also to dedicate more time to things that matter to me without the temptations of food always being present like working on my art, being involved in the anime community, and sewing more. My life doesn't need to be complicated by popularity and trends. I just need to do what's right for me.

I worked out tonight-- it's not my usual night for exercising but I still did. It wasnt a full workout but I feel like I'm closer to my goal by doing it.

Apple sauce and Tuna:: For the past month I guess I've been eating the pre flavored tuna that Bumble Bee makes. I was thinking I need to start saving money because frankly, that stuff is expensive. So I'm going to try out Apple sauce and tuna. Tomorrow will be my first test I suppose. I also got lemon curd so I could have lemon pepper tuna. It's just a theory. I probably should have bought lemon juice instead of the lemon curd but we will see.

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