Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want to kick it

For those who read this and do not know already. I have a problem with weighing myself. I weigh myself once a day or more if I don't think I have good results the first time (unless I'm not at my place because I don't travel with a scale). The time I weighed myself at 194 it was my first time weighing myself in 3 days. So I was pleasantly surprised. That night however I went back up to 198. I was upset because I knew the reason was because I ate the leftover chicken I had made for my boyfriend the other night. I was determined it was a mistake though and jumped on my elliptical for a half hour. The next morning I was at 196 and my stomach hurt. I worked out again and this morning I'm at 195. I want to kick the heck out of 190 pounds. Even if it means I have to work out everyday. I think seeing the 194 pounds and then gaining was good for me to see. It really lets me know that I can't be "lazy" and feel sorry for myself every time someone mentions anything pertaining to my weight. If I do my best than I can be happy with myself.

Also, to help me work on not being a lazy artist I'm posting my chibi doodles of myself with my posts.

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