Thursday, September 2, 2010

Found a way to exercise at work

I was sick of dressing up for work. Dressing comfortable is so much easier than dressing to express the people that wouldn't be impressed regardless of how I dress. I wore sneakers to work with a neon colored exercise shirt. It was so much more uplifting to wear workout clothes (with a black skirt) to work than the flats or kitten heeled shoes.

The stress from work knocked me out as soon as I got home yesterday. I was upset by the amount of fatigue I had. I didn't even want to leave my place to do my usual window shopping. I can't let myself be stressed out like this. I won't lose any weight that way.

Oh. I worked out a bit this morning at work. You know the Richard Simmons workout video? Well, the workout move that allows you to workout the abs and the leg muscles at the same time is easy to do. It's like a standing crunch--only one leg at a time. I'm going to try and do 300 of them before I start my work day just to add in a little bit of exercise.

I was going to write about having a love affair with Broccoli but I don't have one yet. I need to eat more of it actually. Looking at candy makes me a little mad now. Like it's out to attack my thighs like a leech-- adding weight to me but sucking out all my energy. I even look at pasta and bread that way too. No wonder nomads were so thin they probably didn't have time to stop at a bakery to get all comfortable with all the processed sugars.

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