Monday, March 7, 2011

Crunches and saving money.

I realized my bills feel out of control and with my trying to eat healthy. I need to mind some of what I'm buying. Last week, I tested out eating microwaved frozen vegetables with some low sodium soy sauce and then the other day with apple sauce. The apple sauce was good-- the soy sauce was blah. Too sour! So I'm going to work on buying more frozen vegetables since it will help me feel my vegetable quota and it's cheaper than buying frozen prepared food.

Crunches-- My boyfriend walked me through doing crunches so my abs will be defined when I drop all the weight. I'm going to attempt to do 3 sets of 10 a day along with my exercise on the elliptical and then my tricep weight lifting exercise. I'm not trying to have jiggly arms when I'm small. I have until the end of July to get down as far as possible to my weight goal. I'm not going to do anything off the deep end crazy. Just work out a lot even if it hurts and eat way more green vegetables! Otakon is coming and I need to lose the weight!

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