Wednesday, January 15, 2014

166.4 and thoughts on running

So I guess it's a good thing the scale is going down but I'm still not sure why it spiked like that. My bf says that I'm eating too much but I honestly don't think I am. I'm eating more low calorie foods so maybe the weight of them is more? It's frustrating because I think my eating is on a better path and now I'm really exercising. Yesterday I was sore but still went to the gym. I'm wondering if I should do my zumba class or go on the treadmill again. Squatting has the most soreness. I ran a mile but it was freakishly slow at 12 minutes because I was sore from the day before. I really want to be able to constantly do 10 minutes or less. There was an article online that said if you want to be able to do 6 minute miles you need to be able to run 6 miles straight. So if I want to run miles in under 10 minutes all the time I probably just need to always do 3 miles on the treadmill. If I can make it up to 2 miles by March I will be excited.  I'm also trying my best to do the 1.0 incline I was reading about too. I think if I keep up it will get easier. I'm also trying to prepare myself for not being able to go to Zumba anymore. Zumba doesn't really feel the same like it used to and it's not really helping me lose weight. It helps me maintain weight. Someone should make running more fun. I think running is kind of boring but I want to do it because I don't really know anyone who runs for hobby/exercise that stays fat or obese. The 5k is going to be a big accomplishment for me but also I think if I can do that while running all the way then after I should train for a 10k. One accomplishment at a time. I want to get a picture of me running my first 5k. My bf has medals from winning them when he was younger. I just want run the whole thing and not feel like I'm dying at the end.

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