Monday, January 13, 2014


I would be lying to myself if I said that I'm happy with my weight/physical appearance. My resolution this year is to train and complete a 5k (or more). It would be nice for my weight to go back into the 140s but I'm not sure of that happening. I cut out a lot of the drama going on in my life (meaning I cut out a lot of people). I feel like I want to meet some people who want to do active things with me outside of the gym like running or walking or something that doesn't involve only drinking alcohol or binging on unhealthy foods.

I went for a vacation and looked at the pictures feeling ashamed of myself. Not only did I let the words of the strangers making fun of me for being obese hurt but I was doing it to myself also. I didn't dress how I really wanted to dress except one night and I did the works with the outfit. It had sparkles and I just felt beautiful. I came back from the vacation and none of my pants wanted to fit. I have a muffin top now. It's just a bad feeling.

I started bringing food to work with me so I could stop going to fast food places to eat. Even if I'm buying ok things to eat I should be able to control my calories more if I bring in my own food.

Main foods I'm taking  to work: tuna, fruit in a cup, popcorn, carrots, and more fruit.
I think I want to bring in some salads or celery with the peanut butter and raisins or some vegetables.

  I intend on creating a more positive image of myself because I can feel beautiful at any weight.

1. I want to do a 5k race (I would really like to do it in under 35 minutes).
2. I would like to dress up like I'm going out on a date for regular everyday wear because I rarely go out with my bf but I want to look nice.
3. I would by the end of the year like to be creating healthier meals all the time and invite people over to share them.
4. I would like my artwork to be sold to more people. 

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