Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm ok with not going down too much considering I shared a piece of cake with someone yesterday. I tried to do better today. I caved and went to the vending machine but luckily there was pistachios and I hadn't had any nuts or seeds so I think I'm within my limit. I just had fish for dinner. I'm starting to think that the reason I fell off because I wasn't using my resources to make healthy foods more creative. I need to have meals I enjoy but that don't necessarily differ too much from what I normally like to eat. My healthy food meals need to be posted so I can just pick from the list to see what I'm feeling for. I also need to just try things out. The frozen grapes thing is really working for me. I'm glad I got them on a good sale. I don't know how much the fruits I've chosen to eat will slow down the weight loss for trying to get back into the 140s but at least it makes me happy that I can make choices other than cookies/brownies. Speaking of which, I have a tea party coming up that I'm baking for but I think I will indulge without going overboard. I might just pack a small snack to put in my car if the whole party is just too sweet. I want to enjoy the people not backtrack on my healthier lifestyle.

Vegetables: I need to come up with a better way to intake my vegetables creatively. I ate cabbage today leaf by leaf and it felt like forever. I know I can do better than this. I was thinking zucchini or chickpeas or something that will be more fun. There was a recipe with roasted zucchini worth trying. This quote also popped on my Tumblr searches "Cook when bored". It's a really good idea because I usually shop when I'm bored but what better way to make me healthier than to test out the recipes! Especially to get over my fear of cooking with more than like 4-5 ingredients. I was thinking about doing the thing I did last time I lost a significant amount of weight in a short time (cooking 4 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast and eating it for the duration of the detox period). It would be quicker but this time I will get less chicken because I remember not eating all of it.

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