Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wow a lot has happened

A lot has happened in such a short time. I'm going through some transitions in my life but I'm not giving up on my weight loss. This week I did 5 hours of Zumba but not that much weight training. I think I need to make a point of losing the stress in the morning and working out my arms. That is the reason I brought my dumbbells to work with me. I did a workout today that I'm really feeling. My weight isn't changing but my size is dropping. Christmas is coming soon and I really want to look good in my outfits so I'm going to train as much as possible.

Never say you can't work out because you can always find something small to do: Thursday for instance, a woman held me up from rushing home to change into my gym clothes for Zumba. I still went to Zumba-- in jeans, ugg boots, and all. The workout was hard because jeans aren't for dancing but I still pumped as hard as I could. I worked out even though I was tired and stressed from work. It's just hard to make excuses after all that. I did miss class last Saturday but I know I have to keep going.

Panda Express is the enemy! or is it Panera! or is it my lack of will power to drag myself to the grocery after the gym to get groceries. I pick the lack of will power. I'm still not doing great in the food department even though I'm making mild attempts to order more vegetables when I get my rice and chicken. I also have been eating tuna for lunch with a piece of fruit and some chips. I probably could do without the chips but I stopped making popcorn on the stove. I might even stop buying fiber bars for a while too. I love eating them but I think I may need a mild break from the sugar. I'm really finding I'm not in love with sugar like I used to be.

There is going to be another Zumba instructor joining my gym so I might be able to do 6 hours of Zumba a week. I'm thinking if I could do that every week I will be in pretty good shape for the summer. I'm trying a regimen that hopefully will lighten my stretch marks- Its using pure cocoa butter every morning. I probably should do it morning and night but so far it's only been the morning.

That's it for now!

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