Sunday, May 25, 2014

7days-Boom Baby

I have to say I miss going to the old gym when I was like 170 pounds and starting to understand things for myself. I'm in the 160s and I miss the meat head motivation. I used to have quotes and pictures all around to help motivate me to work hard and eat right. I know myself should be enough but I like the feeling of having a visual reminder. I need to slow down on my carb intake if I plan to get back in the 140s. I always inch for the non cooking food but I realized if I can watch television I will stay in the kitchen longer for cleaning and cooking. The layout of this place is fabulous for relaxing while working at the same time. 

Boom baby: I did exercise 7 days straight. I made it to 9 miles in about a half hour. I took a break to drink some of my fruit infused water. It makes drinking more fun. Last night I made orange and lemon infused water. I also had turkey spaghetti. I forgot to buy zucchini to make it low carb but the spaghetti was high fiber spaghetti at least. 

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