Sunday, May 18, 2014


I finally stepped on the scale this morning after avoiding it for the longest time. I'm going to lose the twenty pounds because I want to be thinner. I like being thinner. I feel more healthy without all the extra weight. So my plan is going rabbit. I need to eat as much green as possible to lose the weight. It's not about cutting carbs. It's about incorporating more foods that will help give my body vitamins and minerals. Clearing my skin. Hopefully making me more productive overall if I can take better control of my body once and for all. I really like that my family is now more interested in healthy eating because I used to feel like I was always gaining weight when I would see them. 

Last week I started my broccoli for breakfast regimen again to get the feeling for the green for breakfast but I broke down at work and had Doritos. Lots of them because I'm terrible at preparing a lunch for work. 

I'm going to try doing some sort of exercise in the mornings to help keep me on track. I need to use the DVD player or something so I don't have boring workouts in the morning. 

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