Sunday, June 9, 2013


I tried on my shorts that I wore for the vacation in december and I couldn't breathe. I need to get over myself and just eat correctly. I need to save money anyway so I can make all these purchases from Japan. I estimate that on an average workday I spend 20 to 30 on food so I'm spending at least 100 to 150 on food a week. That just doesn't work for me I could buy a dress a week if I made a giant healthy meal and ate it for an entire week with slight variations. 

I'm redoing my wardrobe to really be more about Japanese fashion. Also to have nicer things in general. I bought designer costume jewelry and have been practicing my makeup. Hopefully I'll do something about my hair. It was looking cute for a long while and then I just gave up.

I canceled my gym membership but I still use the gym at my place. I'm trying to devise a plan of entertainment while I'm on the elliptical machine so I will be motivated to stay on it for like 40minutes. Pandora isn't cutting it for me. I tried to use my phone to play a YouTube movie but it didn't work. I will figure out something. I want to watch Naruto while at the gym. There are so many episodes I will have enough to last me like an entire summer. I just need to figure out how to make it work. 

This picture was taken Wednesday. My face is looking puffy again. I need to take more photos to keep track of where I'm going.

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